The Philosophy

We believe in the power of stories. Stories unite us, stories inspire us, and stories empower us. We have always rooted for the underdogs, the Rockys, the Stephen Currys of the world. We idolized how the unfavored, the disadvantaged came out on top when no one expected them to. Dawn of the digital age and blockchain technology showed that Davids could indeed triumph over Goliaths, and we believe people can also triumph over centralized figures of authority. This is why we are here, why we have founded OpenPad, to equalize the skewed distribution of capital across private markets.
The private market, or investments outside of the stock market, was historically reserved for institutional and wealthy individuals. The notion of rich getting richer is an inevitable part of capitalism that no one can deny or fight against, however giving the opportunity to access previously inaccessible financial assets can help relatively smaller investors join in on this notion. Regardless of the outcome, or the performance of an asset the opportunity to invest at an early stage should be equal for everyone. This is why we call ourselves OpenPad, we are always open for everyone. Built by the community for the community.
We value openness, the core concept, and pillar upon which we have built OpenPad. Openness is the companion virtue to loyalty, as we firmly believe open people and organizations are more likely to succeed in business terms — and more likely to contribute to good lives for individuals and communities.
Openness toward capital markets is the bending of the curve for the rich in the deprived throughout the history of private markets including venture capital and investment banking. Democratizing the private market including venture capital and investment banking space via lowering the investment barriers to the surface, OpenPad unlocks deeply-vetted, insurance-based & allocation-guaranteed domain-agnostic private market investments starting from $1 for everyone.

The Vision

OpenPad is visioning to become a multifaceted community-run foundational layer for decentralized economies & governance, and the community-powered whip for the hyper-centralized private markets, aligned with the open-source culture of Web3, empowering the future of efficient markets and capital ownership.

The Mission

OpenPad's mission is to empower every size of retail investors to become their own venture capital and every stage of Web3 projects to reshape the future of open Web3 through lowering the private market investment barriers to $1 with an allocation-guaranteed, insurance-backed, and capital-efficient investment model.

About Decentralization

Through decentralization, OpenPad aims to empower the underdogs and challenges the status quo. Our motto is "Decentralization of private capital is not a liability but an asset of great value." by being trustless and transparent along with being open to everyone, OpenPad takes DeFi and liberty as core values at its heart. We know it's going to sound cliche among all other applications, but we truly believe the future lies in decentralization, we have bet our entire careers on it. When the internet was first founded in the early 80s, it was seen as a nuisance that would only be used by academics, however, after its mass adoption, it generated a paradigm shift that completely changed our society. Similar to the internet's boom, the blockchain will garner the same effect in the near future, and Openpad aims to be the (capital T) (crowd)-funding platform of the future by granting power to the individuals and with fewer restrictions as having no restrictions would be naive Pollyannaism. What about decentralization? Well, this is easy to say but hard to create an environment that completely lacks a central correlation device that acts as a trustful authority. Most existing crypto projects make markets based on the idea that they are "fully" decentralized. Any rational person with little running knowledge of cryptos can unveil the curtain behind this sentiment to see it as it is, complete nonsense. Hence, the single-dimensional math equation asserts the open secret "Fully Decentralization == Fully Nonsense". Including Bitcoin and Ethereum, nothing is fully decentralized. Is this time to pack up and go? Absolutely not. Decentralization must be examined under social, economic, governmental, architectural, logical, and algorithmic factors. It is a single term to call but requires greater attention, especially in the cryptoeconomics context. However, the dream of building a truly decentralized future is the governing motivation for why we engineers, designers, thinkers, researchers, and artists are here.