The Competitive Matrix

OpenPad is introducing the lowest entry barrier with a 100% guaranteed allocation, first-of-it’s-kind insurance coverage, and secondary token offerings.

Competitive Advantages

Compared to top launchpads OpenPad introduces novel innovations in order to solve the existing problems in the industry.
  • Target: Our competitors are focusing on initial token offerings only as a launchpad platform. We're targeting multi-stage -- presales, ICO/IDOs, and FTOs.
  • Insurance: They don't have any insurance products to protect their customers from extreme financial conditions -- rug pulls, liquidity drains, and hacks. We've developed a propriety insurance coverage called Fractional Insurance Funds (FIF) for financial protection.
  • Barriers: $1 worth of staked $OPN grants access to allocation-guaranteed investment deals. However, in our competitors, an average of $40k capital is needed to guarantee an allocation.
  • Independent Vetting: The aforementioned launchpads vet projects in a centralized manner. Through our multi-stage due diligence framework that consists of both OpenPad Labs and an independent investment committee consisting of GPs of VCs, financial auditors, Web3 research firms, and investment bankers, we're decentralizing the process of listing to achieve better and fairer decision-making.
  • Simplicity: We built a new allocation policy from scratch that simplifies the investment flow radically. "The more & the longer you stake your $OPN, the larger your allocation." is the produced allocation policy. Previously, there was a tiered system in that each tier had some specialized capital-inefficient properties such as lottery tickets and luck power.
  • Network Effect: We understand the power of collectivity, compounding, and network effects, meaning that low-entry barriers and retail-friendly allocations make the system more efficient as follows.
    1. 1.
      The lower the barrier -> 2. more people to join -> 3. more capital to be deployed -> 4. the larger possibility of selling out -> come back to 2.
    However, in our competitors, what's happening is as follows.
    1. 1.
      The higher the barrier -> 2. fewer people to join -> 3. "equal" amount of capital to be deployed -> 4. the lesser possibility of selling out -> come back to 2.

The Competitive Graph

OpenPad has a 40x lower barrier for launchpad access and a 3000x lower entrance for guaranteed allocation than its closest competitor, making it an unbearably/irresistibly right choice for retail investors.