Tokenomics is the study of the economics of crypto-assets or tokens. It refers to the research into how crypto-assets interact with the rest of the ecosystem.


$OPN is a native utility token of OpenPad with a limited supply of 100M and 18 decimals.

Token Utility

$OPN is an all-encompassing utility-unlocker deflationary token of OpenPad, empowering investors to
  • Access to token sales: $OPN stakers have direct access to venture capital (seed & private) and public (initial offering) investment deals.
  • Accumulate allocations: $OPN is used for coordination token for allocation calculations, the more and longer the stake $OPN, the larger the allocation will be.
  • Access to insurance funds: $OPN stakers are eligible for fractional insurance funds for partially or completely de-risking the early-stage investments.
  • Earn $OPN yields: $OPN stakers earn auto-compounded $OPN yields.
  • Qualify for royalty: $OPN stakers qualify for seasonal $OPN royalties.
  • Qualify for airdrops: $OPN stakers who at least invested in a project once qualify for seasonal airdrops.
  • Govern decisions: $OPN will be used to vote decisions for project selection and more in the future.
  • Trade services & goods: $OPN is used for trading OpenPad services & goods.
  • Liquidity: $OPN is used to incentive users to provide liquidity in markets to earn trading fees.
  • Bonding: OpenPad plans to maintain the sustainability of liquidity through protocol-owned liquidity models. Bonding is selling $OPN tokens at a discount to buyers which forms the treasury and then this treasury can be deployed as liquidity directly on markets. (e.g., decentralized exchanges)

Token Allocation

Unlock Schemes

Token Metrics

  • Supply: Fixed 100M
  • Decimals: 18
  • Initial Market Cap: $553.5k
  • Initial Market Cap without Liquidity: $373.5k
  • Fully Diluted Valuation: $15M
  • Public Price: $0.15

Monetary Policy

$OPN is a deflationary utility token, has a fixed supply, and cannot be minted by anyone. The total unlock schedule will last 48 months with a decreasing rate of emissions, mean monthly unlock of 2%, and median monthly unlocks of 1.6%. OpenPad is fee-free for capital investment, and low-fee for yield products. $OPN adapts both controlled and real-time deflationary mechanics described below.

Fee Structures & Circulations

The following fee rates and distributions are for investors and can change to maintain sustainable economics over time.
  • Launchpad fees: The staking round is a no-fee (0%) investment for $OPN stakers but there is a 5% fee in the public round. This fee goes directly to the development address.
  • Staking fees: There is a 0-2% entry and exit fees on the staking vault. The deducted fees will be circulated to 30% development, 60% treasury, and 10% burning.
OpenPad deducts fees directly from projects. OpenPad has both token-based and cycle-agnostic fee streams, creating a long-run sustainable business model.

Deflationary Mechanics

$OPN has auto-burning, buyback, and buyback-n-burn mechanisms to incentive the accumulation of purchasing power over time. Auto-burning is a real-time process where 0.1-0.5% of vault entry & exit fees are automatically sent to the burning address (0x...0) whereas buyback and buyback-n-burn will be done seasonally.