Meet the OpenPad Team! We are engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs.

Founding Team

OpenPad's founding team consists of entrepreneurs, blockchain strategists, data scientists, blockchain engineers, software developers, visual artists, and lawyers, involved in many Banking, Finance, DeFi & Web3 projects including mobile payments systems, launchpads, investment research, GameFi, & DAO.
  • Director, Can Kocagil: Tech Entrepreneur, Blockchain Strategist, and former Data Scientist in Banking, Finance, and Crypto. Linkedin, Twitter.
  • R&D Engineer, Arman Vural Budunoğlu: Data Science R&D Engineer, former Machine Learning Engineer, Blockchain and Finance Writer, MSc in Cognitive Science & AI. Linkedin.
  • Blockchain Architect/Developer, Anonymous: Blockchain Architect, Lead Smart Contract Developer, ex Machine Learning Engineer.
  • Full-Stack Engineer, Atahan Yorgancı: Product Owner, Full-stack Engineer, MSc in Data Science in Bussiness and Entrepreneurship. Linkedin, Twitter.
  • Art Director, Ege Kafali: Visual Artist, Painter, and Brand Manager. Ege Kafalı Studioā€‹
  • Blockchain Lawyer, Gunes Serel: Serel Legal Firm Founder, LLM Candidate IT Law, Specializing in Web3 and Blockchain Law. Linkedin, Twitter.


OpenPad's main advisors are not the ones you're familiar with. Here are the top 2 honorable advisors.
  • Economics: Game theory and mechanism design, funding, and macroeconomics.
  • Mathematics: Financial mathematics, time-series resource allocation, and hyperbolics.
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Founding Team