Product Suite

Ecosystem Scheme

OpenPad has 2 main interconnected arms: Launchpad & Vaults.
  1. 1.
    Launchpad is where token sales are conducted, including venture capital rounds (seed & private) and public sales (initial token offering).
    • 1.1 Pre-ICO: Decentralized Venture Crowdfunding
      • The decentralized venture crowdfunding model enables projects to raise capital in seed and private stages while giving early access to retail investors. Projects issue derivative tokens at a 1:1 ratio with native governance and utility tokens, publicly swappable at IDOs with SAFTs.
    • 1.2 ICO/IDO: Public Token Offerings
      • PTO is an initial token offering model facilitated by OpenPad Labs that involves underwriting, capital raise, liquidity provisioning, public trading, economical design (supply and demand), demand aggregation (marketing), asset management, and token distribution (cliff & vesting).
    • 1.3 Post-ICO: Follow-on Token Offerings
      • FTO allows Web3 projects such as DAOs and DeFi protocols to issue bond markets to attract liquidity and capital from the public at the post-ICO stage. FTOs are similar to other fundraising products; however, they are tokenized bonds where price discounts are applied in exchange for being illiquid for a certain period -- vesting. Bonds are tokenized with NFTs to be publicly traded while vested, creating a secondary market for trading. FTO is a secondary token and liquidity offering based on crypto bonds to finance vetted Web3 startups after their initial token offerings.
  2. 2.
    Vaults are decentralized financial products to create a high-yield passive income and insurance for investors and sustain liquidity and price stability for OpenPad.

Revenue Model

OpenPad has both token-based and cycle-agnostic revenue streams, creating a long-run sustainable business model.