A Web3 Launchpad and Investment DAO - Decentralized, Gamified, Open and Public IDOs for Everyone Starting from $1
OpenPad (OP) is a community-run Web3 Launchpad and InvestmentDAO; a decentralized, gamified, open, and public Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) and fundraising platform for launching new blockchain-based projects to
  • bring the early-stage or high-barrier Web3 project's investments to OP Citizens
  • raise necessary capital and liquidity for OP-backed project owners
OpenPad is a Web3 investment community DAO, lowering the investment barriers to only $1 while enabling projects to have fair and worldwide fundraising with a community-operated treasury.
OpenPad is a capital-efficient and democratic community-run investor network, Web3 Launchpad and Investment DAO unlocking the sealed doors of Web3 investment, allowing everyone to invest in either early-stage or high-barrier Web3 assets with a community-operated treasury.
OpenPad's name comes from "openness," meaning that it is open to everyone without any discriminating factors. Start with the OpenPad manifesto.
OpenPad was founded as a state-of-the-art Web3 Launchpad, but it extends its functionality to public good DeFi protocol, decentralized VC DAO (InvesmentDAO), end-to-end project accelerator & incubator, and capital-efficient yield farming & liquidity mining platform owned and governed by its citizens running on the blockchain.
We welcome every size of investors, projects, community members, and citizens. To enable small-size investors to join OpenPad launches worldwide, there is no strict financial rule (staking, purchasing, etc.), so everyone can invest in OpenPad projects. Learn more.
OpenPad token stakers will be eligible for guaranteed allocations without any tier system, lottery games, first-come-first-serve (FCFS) or minimum staking requirement.
The OpenPad Definition of Openness:
  • Enabling everyone to join OpenPad's IDOs with guaranteed allocations
  • Opening up democratic decision-making to greater citizen participation and voice in the ecosystem via DAO voting
  • Lowering the barriers to information resources and undistorted facts to the public for use
  • Opening the process of socio-economic crypto revolution to a wider community of OpenPad citizens
— From the OpenPad
We employ multi-dimensional academic research, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, economics, game theory, mechanism design, and mathematics, to ensure sustainable development, openness, security, fairness, transparency, eco-friendliness, and beyond. Learn more.

Open Universe DAO

OpenPad is a community-driven multi-verse foundational layer for decentralized economies & governance, aligned with the open-source culture of Web3, empowering the future of efficient markets and ownership via OpenPad NFT, OpenPad Launchpad, OpenPad DAO, OpenPad Pools, OpenPad Business, OpenPad AI, and OpenPad Metaverse.

Key Benefits for Investors & Community

OpenPad offers multiple key benefits to the investors and its citizens
  • Low-Entry Capital Expectation ($1)
  • 100x More Efficient Capital Investing Model
  • 100% Guaranteed Allocation for token holders
  • 10+ Token Use Case and Utility
  • Insurance Funds and KYB for Investor Protection
  • 5 Revenue Streams for Investors
  • 15+ Monthly Web3 Investment Articles for Free Education
  • Staking & Yield Farming with a long-term incentive mechanism
  • No tier system, FCFS, lottery games and minimum staking requirement for IDO rounds
  • Intellectual Property rights for NFT owners
  • Royalty Dividends and Fee-Sharing Mechanisms
  • All free NFT & Token airdrops
  • Greater voice: community-driven decentralized voting and on-chain governance rights
  • Exclusive membership to the OpenPad Business
We're democratization and decentralization of capital investments for everyone. Click for your full benefits.

Key Benefits for Projects

OpenPad is designed to be a foundational layer for blockchain-based projects with the integrity of
  • The fully transparent and community-driven onboarding process
  • High-scale and worldwide capital funding via seed, private, public rounds and more
  • Accessing a multi-cultural shareholder community
  • Exclusive access to our end-to-end marketing and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) network
  • Token economics design by experts and creation of vesting schedule
  • Valuable industry connections via our advisor and extended network
  • Smart contracts design, audit & development support
  • OpenPad partner matching support to connect more projects in the industry
Welcome to the most capital-efficient launchpad! Click for your full benefits.


🛣 Roadmap 👨🏻‍💻 Team 🎢 Tokenomics 🍰 Allocation Model & Policy 🕵🏻‍♀️ Technical Overview

The Problems & Solutions

Web3 investment space today is Web2-operated crypto investment with high-entry capital expectation, capital inefficient investing models, and no guaranteed allocations without token utility, insurance reserves and public good education. At OpenPad, we developed a community-run treasury investment model, lowering the investment barriers to $1 with a 100x more efficient capital allocation model for retail investors, allowing everyone to invest with 100% guaranteed allocation. Moreover, we designed multiple financial instruments, including insurance funds, dividend and renting models, interest pools and community-operated treasuries for fair and efficient Web3 investment.

OpenPad Manifesto: Why and What?

OpenPad manifesto states what was broken in our current world, what OpenPad is built to challenge against, what social and economic problems exist within this realm, and how they will be solved.
Decentralization is not a liability but an asset of great value.
— From the OpenPad
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