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Decentralization of the private capital is not a liability but an asset of great value.\text{Decentralization of the private capital is not a liability but an asset of great value.}

Executive Summary

OpenPad is tokenized financing platform that enables Web3 protocols to raise capital and liquidity via pre-IDO crowdfunding, IDO, and secondary token offerings with automated token management and insurance features. OpenPad also gives private access to retail investors to invest in those vetted, regulation-friendly, and seamless deals starting from $1.
The private market, or investments outside of the stock market, was historically reserved for institutional and wealthy individuals. These include investments in private equity, investment banking, private lending, real estate, venture capital, real assets such as artwork, and even Web3.
Democratizing the private market, including venture capital and investment banking space via lowering the investment barriers to the surface, OpenPad unlocks deeply-vetted, insurance-based & allocation-guaranteed domain-agnostic token sales starting from $1 for everyone.
OpenPad is a vertical-agnostic investment ecosystem, accepting Web3 initiatives of all kinds — DeFi, DAOs, zkRollups, L1/2s, GameFi, DeSoc, GameFi, AI, and more.
  • Insured: Policy-free DeFi insurance for tokens from liquidity drains, rug pulls, and smart contract vulnerabilities.
  • Enter with $1: Fixed $1 entry for a 100% guaranteed allocation, capital efficiently.
  • Anytime, any domain: From pre-IDO to IDO to post-IDO token financing in any verticals such as Web3 gaming, DeFi, infrastructure, social networks, and more.
  • Seamless, like Web2: User-friendly investment flow and an all-in-one dApp compatible with web and mobile. Optional Web3 login with Web2 -- Email, Phone, Google, and more.
  • Vetted and Compliant: Independent investment committee for due diligence, and regulatory applications such as KYC, KYB, and AML.
  • No Central Banking: Democratized allocations for underdogs. Built by the public, for the public.
  • Economically Incentivized: Auto-compounded staking and royalty vaults to incentive deposits.
  • Tokens Managed, Automatically: A full suite of token, vesting, and investment management products, all integrated into a single portfolio page.
  • Multi-chain: Chain-agnostic investment infrastructure starting with Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum.

Problems & Solutions

Today's launchpad investors suffer from 4 back-breaking main problems.
  • High-Entry Barrier for Entry & Guaranteed Allocation: Top-10 launchpads have an average entry requirement of $300 to access token sales. Moreover, they have a token price-backed entry barrier, meaning if the price goes up by 2x so does the barrier, leaving small investors out of the game*. Top-5 launchpads have an average entry requirement of $40,000 for guaranteed allocation, eliminating more than 85% of the market.*
  • Complex Investment Flow and UX: Multi-level tiers, whitelisting, first-come-first-serve wars, and lotteries put most investors out of the game. Moreover, ultra-complex user flows require advanced crypto-native knowledge to participate.
  • Lack of Insurance: There are no insurance reserves or products in the market to protect investors from extreme conditions. Moreover, poor vetting of Web3 projects leads to capital loss the investors.
  • No way to fundraise after ICO: Currently, ICO/IDOs are the final stages Web3 companies can raise capital with tokens. Hence, there is no way to fundraise with tokens after ICO/IDOs in the market for Web3 projects -- dApps, DeFi protocols, and DAOs. Most Web3 project inevitably relies on selling native utility and governance tokens in the market to find liquidity and capital.
OpenPad offers breakthrough and all-powerful solutions to existing problems.
  • $1 Entry: $1 grants access to 100% guaranteed allocation.
  • Simple Investment Flow: The more/longer you stake $OPN, the larger your allocation.
  • Fractional Insurance Funds (FIF): Qualifying investors are guaranteed a partial or full refund, de-risking the early-stage investment deals.
  • Follow-on Token Offerings: Crypto-native bonds for secondary token offerings.
OpenPad offers fractional insurance funds (FIF) and extensive investment research for de-risking the token sales and early-stage Web3 project investments, enabling only first-class Web3 projects that pass a thorough due diligence process, followed by analysis from an expert investment committee. FIF is a collateral-free insurance reserve allocated to protect qualifying investors from extreme decentralized finance conditions up to 100% of the initial investment.

Product Suite

OpenPad has both token-based and cycle-agnostic revenue streams, creating a long-run sustainable business model with 2 main interconnected arms: Launchpad & Vaults.
  1. 1.
    Launchpad is where token sales are conducted including venture capital rounds (seed & private) and public sales (initial token offering). OpenPad has a simple allocation policy: "The more and longer you stake $OPN, the larger your allocation." OpenPad developed a state-of-the-art economic policy with the paper "Compounded Tokenized Incentives for Initial Token Offering", a research-backed allocation policy.
  2. 2.
    Vaults are decentralized financial products to create high-yield passive income and insurance funds for investors, and sustain liquidity and price stability for OpenPad.


For Investors

  • $1 entry for guaranteed allocation: Everyone with at least $1 worth of $OPN stake is 100% guaranteed to get an allocation in token sales.
  • Insurance-backed: OpenPad offers collateral-free Fractional Insurance Funds for minimizing the risks of early-stage Web3 investment.
  • Deeply-vetted: OpenPad is a deeply-vetted platform, enabling only first-class Web3 projects that pass a thorough due diligence and AML process, followed by analysis from an expert investment committee.
  • Yield products: OpenPad develops strategy-driven financial yield products for $OPN such as auto-compounded single-side staking, fee-sharing dividends, and airdrops.
  • Retail-friendly: The allocation policy favors retail investors to get fair multipliers (staking-to-allocation ratio) and avoid a hyper-centralized accumulation of allocations.

For Projects

  • Launchpad: OpenPad offers community-backed venture capital (seed & private) and public sales for revolutionary projects.
  • Marketing: Marketing covers from media press releases, influencer networks, and cross-marketing to marketing agencies
  • Secondary Sales: Projects can raise capital beyond their ICO through Follow-on-Token-Offerings (FTO) which is a secondary token and liquidity offering based on crypto bonds to finance vetted Web3 startups. Built by OpenPad to fundraise Web3.
  • Investors: VC and launchpad introductions.
  • Token economics: Designing a sustainable long-run economics design for tokens
  • Legal: From company incorporation, legal opinion to partner finding
  • Listing in Cex/Dex: Introduction with tier-1 and tier-2 centralized & decentralized exchanges
  • Consultancy: Both pre-IDO and post-IDO strategic consultancy
  • Liquidity: Market making, and DeFi-native products to maintain liquidity

Yield Vaults

A community of like-minded investors not only gets early access to deeply-vetted, insurance-backed, and allocation-guaranteed investment deals but also earn auto-compounded $OPN staking yields without extra effort, creating an exponential passive income. Staking rewards are automatically harvested back into the staking vault once a day, creating a compounded yield. For example, the auto-compound strategy maximizes the yield via automatically transforming 100% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) into 171% APY without user input.

Investment Flow

OpenPad offers a frictionless user flow for participation.
  1. 1.
    KYC: Sign-up and complete your one-time KYC (online identity verification) in under 2 minutes to join token sales.
  2. 2.
    Stake $OPN: Stake at least $1 worth of $OPN to earn auto-compounded yield and qualify for guaranteed allocation.
  3. 3.
    Register for sale: Register sales by clicking one button within registration periods as an indication of your investment.
  4. 4.
    Invest in projects: Invest in a Web3 startup of your choice at your risk.
  5. 5.
    Claim & Track the performance: Receive your tokens and track the performance of your investments on the all-in-one portfolio page.
In stage 4, to ensure a fair, efficient, and equitable token sale, OpenPad has a 2-round much-simplified, and law-abiding investment flow.
1) In the staking round
  • 100% of the token sale is open for $OPN stakers between defined time slots.
  • Every $OPN staker is 100% guaranteed to get an allocation in token sales.
  • Completely free-to-use, with no hidden or future cost to investors.
  • Investors qualify for airdrops, dividends, and insurance funds.
Allocation policy: The more & longer you stake $OPN, the larger your allocation.
2) In the public round
  • If any, whatever isn’t sold is open for KYC’d investors with no staking or registration requirement.
  • Unsold tokens will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis to investors with a 5% fee.
  • There will be an individual cap (maximum amount of investment) deal-to-deal.
  • All participants must complete their KYC to invest in projects.
  • If any, unsold tokens will be either bought by OpenPad, burned, or transferred to the project treasury.

Token Economics

$OPN is an all-encompassing utility-unlocker deflationary token of OpenPad, empowering investors to
  • Access to token sales: $OPN stakers have direct access to venture capital (seed & private) and public (initial offering) investment deals.
  • Accumulate allocations: $OPN is used for coordination token for allocation calculations; the more and longer the stake $OPN, the larger the allocation will be.
  • Access to insurance funds: $OPN stakers are eligible for fractional insurance funds for partially or completely de-risking the early-stage investments.
  • Earn $OPN yields: $OPN stakers earn auto-compounded $OPN yields.
  • Qualify for royalty: $OPN stakers qualify for seasonal $OPN royalties.
  • Qualify for airdrops: $OPN stakers who at least invested in a project once qualify for seasonal airdrops.
  • Govern decisions: $OPN will be used to vote decisions for project selection and more in the future.
  • Trade services & goods: $OPN is used for trading OpenPad services & goods.
  • Liquidity: $OPN is used to incentive users to provide liquidity in markets to earn trading fees.
  • Bonding: OpenPad plans to maintain the sustainability of liquidity through protocol-owned liquidity models. Bonding is selling $OPN tokens at a discount to buyers which forms the treasury and then this treasury can be deployed as liquidity directly on markets. (e.g., decentralized exchanges)


OpenPad's founding team consists of entrepreneurs, blockchain strategists, data scientists, blockchain engineers, software developers, visual artists, and lawyers, involved in many Banking, Finance, DeFi & Web3 projects, including mobile payments systems, launchpads, investment research, GameFi, & DAO.


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